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I help law firms intelligently leverage digital media to rapidly grow their practice.

What do I mean by ‘intelligently’?

It’s pretty simple, really (spoiler alert - I'm going to show you why you should NOT invest in SEO).

Let’s say that you’re a personal injury lawyer in Miami.

If someone gets in a car accident they’ll likely be looking for a lawyer.

In most cases that person will head to Google and type in “personal injury lawyer Miami” or something similar.

Most law firms have been talked into paying $3,000 to $5,000 per month or higher by an SEO firm to try to rank in the free listings for that term.

But did you know even if you are able to rank highly for that term (very unlikely, by the way) only 34% of those searchers click on the ‘free’ listings.

Instead, 66% click on the paid listings at the top of the page. Those listings are part of the Google Adwords network.

Now you don’t actually pay anything to get listed there. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

But here’s the best part: usually 20-40% of the people who click your ad will immediately call your office. If you handle the call correctly xx% of those people will end up becoming a client.

So let’s compare your two options:

Option A: SEO

- High cost ($5,000 per month or more). You’re spending $30,000 in hopes of ranking.

- You may or may not rank

- Takes a long time for competitive terms (six months on average)

- Fewer people click on the free listings

- Even IF you manage to rank - they can disappear overnight.

Option B: Google Adwords

+ Lower cost (you can easily test Adwords for $1,000)
+ Guaranteed listings (as long as you’ve put your bid prices high enough you can be at the top of the page)
+ Quicker results (you can be at the top of the page in 1 day - not six months or even longer)
+ More people click on ads versus free listings.
+ As long as you follow the guidelines set out by Google you can maintain your spot for years.

And the best part is Adwords allows your firm to scale.

Want more leads? Then increase your ad spend.

Getting too busy (a good problem to have) - then pause your ad.

My point here isn’t to convince you of anything - only to point out that much of what is pushed on law firms as ‘smart’ marketing - really isn’t. Which is why you might be struggling right now.

If you’d like to change that I offer a limited number of free consultations.

During our time together I’ll look at your competition and the opportunities and present you with the possibilities.