How Changing This Law Firms Landing Page
Resulted In 2.5 Times More Phone Calls To Their Office And
Lowered Their Cost Per Lead By 66%

Despite what you may have heard a lot of law firms across the country are doing very well using Google Adwords to generate more leads, more clients and more profits.

The following case study is of a current client. I’ve obviously kept out any identifying information. But this firm provides a unique - and I hope inspiring - look at Adwords because:

  1. His firms specialty is in an area of law I've never used Adwords before
  2. This firm is new to Adwords

I also want to warn you NOT to pay attention to the dollar amounts, clicks and traffic in the screenshots.

Each area of law is different. The value of clients in those specialties is different.

Starting Point: Where The Client Started From

The client desperately wanted to grow his firm and - as I mentioned - had never used Adwords before.

During our first meeting he admitted that his marketing to this point was based more on serendipity than any type of concrete strategy. He relied more on his network and a small trickle or referrals.

He even cold called with some success.

But what he really wanted was a system that would reliably generate high quality leads and something that he could scale over time.

The client agreed to spend $1,000 with Google Adwords as a test.

If it worked we’d ramp things up. If it didn’t we’d chalk it up to putting our best foot forward, trying something and realizing it didn’t stick.

Here Is What Worked. What Didn’t And The Changes We Eventually Made

Whether you decide to try Adwords yourself (not recommended) or you hire a firm to take the work off your hands keep one simple rule in mind:

Start small.

I’m talking your ad spend. Your geographic targeting. Your keywords. Everything.

I have ads and landing pages that I know to work very well in other geographic areas and specialties of law. But even then I always start small because it's easy to get cocky and mow through a lot of money without any results.

Instead I focus on putting Incremental Optimization into place for my clients.

In other words test small. Find what works and what doesn’t. Improve and then roll out larger and larger with your winners. Dump your losers.

I see a lot of firms trying to advertise on Adwords for general keywords because they see high traffic numbers and lower estimated click prices.

What they fail to understand is that these broad keywords are usually terrible choices for law firms.

Then they put up a bad ad and then send what traffic does click on their ad to their home page on their website or a poorly designed landing page.

That’s a BAD combo that leads to poor results for your firm. Which is why you’ll hear other firms say, “Oh, I tried Adwords - but it didn’t work”.

It’s not the medium - it’s the implementation.

So here’s what we did (remember, start small and simple … then improve based on the results you’re getting):

Step 1) Use a proven landing page template. Focus on getting your visitors to do ONE thing - usually call for a free consultation.

Step 2) Design high converting ads focused on high commercial intent keywords *

* A Word About High Commercial Intent Keywords

Let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer in Boston. If someone is looking to hire you chances are they’re going to hop onto Google and type in “personal injury lawyer Boston” - or something similar. That’s an example of a high commercial intent keyword.
Searchers who type in these types of keywords click on the ads at twice the rate they click on the ‘free’ search engine rankings.

At the end of about a month I learned a couple of things - this particular specialty does NOT have a lot of traffic. Especially for tight geographic areas (i.e., the firms city).

However, people ARE clicking on the ads.

Our CTR’s (Click Thru Rates - the number of people who saw our ad and clicked on it) were much higher than average. So we were getting some results - but not what I was hoping for.

But wait - if people are clicking on your ads - isn’t that what you want?

It is - but we’re only half way there.

Let me explain ...

Below you’ll find a quick screenshot of the last week of the clients first campaign.

During that week the client had 9 searchers click on his ads - but only 2 conversions (someone calling his firm).

While this firms specialty does not garner a lot of traffic compared to others - people were clicking on the ads. Unfortunately, only 22.2% of those people were actually reaching out to call his firm.

While this firms specialty does not garner a lot of traffic compared to others - people were clicking on the ads. Unfortunately, only 22.2% of those people were actually reaching out to call his firm.

Getting someone to actually call the office is our whole goal.

I know from experience that for every 10 clicks you have on your ads you should expect to see 20-40% actually convert to leads (either phone call or filling out a contact form).

Our campaign was performing near the bottom of that metric so I decided to redesign his landing page.

In case you don’t know when someone clicks on your ad wherever you send them is your ‘landing page’. It’s sole purpose is to get that searcher to take some sort of action - usually calling your office.

IMPORTANT: This is also why you should NEVER send people clicking on your ads to your home page on your website. Too much going on and scatters attention.

This also lowers the number of people calling your office and skyrockets your advertising costs.

Remember, that person clicked on your ad because they have a problem that they’re trying to figure out how to solve (a high commercial intent search).

Provide them with a solution. Show them how you can solve their problem.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of the first week of the same campaign, but with a newly designed landing page.

The new landing page made a huge improvement in people reaching out to call his office: from 22.2% to 62.5%. Nearly tripling their results. Also important - notice that the clients cost/conversion (or cost per lead) dropped by roughly 2/3rds - from $36.22 too $12.26.

The new landing page made a huge improvement in people reaching out to call his office: from 22.2% to 62.5%. Nearly tripling their results. Also important - notice that the clients cost/conversion (or cost per lead) dropped by roughly 2/3rds - from $36.22 too $12.26.

It’s All About Results -
Here’s What The New Landing Page Did For The Client

As you can see we actually had one less click on his ads for the week but when they got to the new landing page the number of people calling his firm jumped from 22.2% to 62.5%. Nearly tripling his results.

Even better is that because he’s getting more people calling his firm - for even slightly less clicks - the amount he is paying for each lead dropped from $36.22 to $12.26 - a 66.2% savings for the client.

In his particular specialty each client is worth low four figures on the front end and possibly more down the road.

The question is if you are having conversations with high quality leads at $12 a pop how many of those convert to actual paying clients?

I’ll let you run the math in your head but at $12 per lead you don’t need many of those free consultations to turn into clients to discover how profitable Adwords can be.

But you have to start small and test.

Your Landing Page Should Talk About Their Big Problem And
How Your Firm Can Solve It

While the format change on the landing page was important I completely reworked the ad copy.

This change was critical.

When I was touching base with the client throughout the previous month he mentioned that a number of leads had been concerned about how much money all this was going to cost them.

The original landing page didn't talk about money as much.

So I made sure that the new landing page focused heavily on addressing this BIG problem.

Not only did it address their big problem but the copy on the page allowed me to better pre-qualify leads.

Even the client noticed. He said,

“some of the leads were pretty quality I felt. I came home from one appointment and told (my assistant) that it was kind of like being given the opportunity to market 1-on-1 with people who are interested in my services, and that is pretty encouraging”.

Are You Ready To Start Reliably Growing Your Law Firm?

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