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We specialize in helping law firms generate and convert leads into clients through Google Adwords - but with a twist.

Unlike other firms, who may just focus on ‘managing’ your ads we implement everything you’ll need from top to bottom.

Even with our most basic package you’ll have a turnkey system that predictably produces highly qualified leads for you each and every month. Guaranteed.




Does Adwords make sense for your firm? Is there enough search volume on Google to justify your ad spend?

Just because Adwords exists doesn’t make it right for you.

While other firms are happy to take your money and then never get results. We take a different tact.

We won’t waste your time - or ours - selling a service that doesn’t make sense for you.

Pro Tip: it's easy to get started researching your market and see broad keywords with lower click prices and think you've hit the motherload. But broad keywords aren't focused enough to bring you high quality leads. You'll save money and get better leads staying focused - not going broad.

If you’re already running Google Ads - great. We can look at your history, tweak things, analyze the changes and then leverage those improvements and revenue increases into bigger and better things.

If your new to Adwords we have proven ads that are working right now in different areas of law. So we never start from ground zero.

No matter your starting point our sole focus is to get you the highest return on investment we can. Which means we start out slow, with focused keywords, find what works and then - and only then - begin expanding outwards.



Pro Tip: Setting up your ads the wrong way can cost you. As an example, it's common for Personal Injury lawyers to pay upwards of $50 per click. I recently saw one Injury firms ads running for a completely different area of law - one they don’t offer and in a different state then they’re licensed to practice in. That’s likely a four figure loss per month for that firm due to poor Adwords setup.


You can have the greatest ads in the world and get a lot of people clicking on them. But where are you sending them?

The answer for a lot of law firms? To the home page on their main website.

Big mistake. You have too much going on there. Your about page, your blog, your Twitter feed and hundred other distractions.

You’ve paid too much for that click to waste it. Instead you MUST have those leads going to a dedicated, high-converting landing page.

It’s not uncommon to see conversions increase 300% or more by keeping all your ads the same but sending them to a dedicated landing page.

Our landing page designs are already working in the real world and we bring that same performance to your campaign.

Pro Tip: Make sure your landing page is focused on one or two actions. Nothing more. The most obvious one is to call your office. This is particularly effective if you offer free consultations. The second option is to have them fill out a form with their name so someone on your staff can follow up with them.

Just because a lead calls your office or fills out a form doesn’t mean they’ll come talk to you. Life happens. People second guess themselves.

But remember: it’s not uncommon to convert 50% of those leads through follow up.

And your follow up doesn’t need to be manual. A lot of it can be automated.



Pro Tip: every law firm has ‘leaks in their bucket’. Not properly following up with potential leads is a huge one. Start out by simply attaching the form on your landing page to an autoresponder service. These are relatively inexpensive and allow you to automatically send preloaded messages to potential leads for as long as you set it up to run.


Quick quiz. Let’s say your running two ads: Ad A and Ad B.

Ad A gets 3% of people to click on it and head to your landing page. Ad B only gets 2% to click on it and head to your landing page.

Which Ad gets you a higher return on investment?

The answer? We don’t know.

The truth is Ad B - even though it gets less clicks - may be resulting in twice as many phone calls as Ad A.

Most firms have incomplete tracking and analytics which means they're flying blind and wasting money.

In this particular case we’d use a tool called Call Conversion Tracking which allows us to see who actually called your firms phone number on your landing page, where they came from (mobile or desktop) and which keyword they typed in.

There’s other tools with fancy sounding names that I won’t bore you with here. The point is you can’t grow your firm when you don’t know where your growth is really coming from.

Pro Tip: Don’t worry so much about ‘conversions’. Instead, the most important question you can ask of your analtyics is ‘what am I paying per high quality lead?’. That allows you to know what you can now pay for a lead. Yes, that’s a head slapper but when I ask this question a common answer is: I don’t know.

At this point we've worked too hard to get potential leads reaching out to engage your firm to lose them due to poor phone practices.

We'll look at who is answering your phone, what they are saying and how they're doing it. Are they following basic sales practices? How quickly are those leads being followed up with?

To truly make your lead generation program successful we can't leave anything to chance. So from the moment your potential client gets online to the second they engage your law firm we are guiding them.


Crossing The Finish Line

You Are Always Protected

Most law firms that contact me have worked with other service providers in the past. Two of the biggest frustrations they've had is poor results and getting roped into long term contracts.

If we end up working together you're protected on both fronts:

No Long Term Contracts:

All agreements are on a month-to-month basis. If you're not getting the results you want each and every month simply cancel.

The Guarantee:

If, for any reason, during the first 30 days of working together you are unhappy with the services my firm provides I will provide you with a full refund of any management fee that you have paid to that point.

I know of one solo firm that started out reluctantly spending $1,000 to test Adwords - thinking it wouldn’t work. They have now grown into a multiple specialty firm eagerly spending $50,000 per month on Adwords because it has been the sole driver of their growth.

Low Risk. High Reward.
Want To Learn More?

At this point you can see that our interest's are aligned. If your firm grows ... so does mine.

You'll have everything you need to make your lead generation program successful.

And you're protected with The Guarantee.

If you're interested in learning how we might best work together I offer a limited number of Free Law Firm Lead Generation Audits.

This is a free, hour long call between us with two goals:

  1. To determine if there is a fit.
  2. I'll also take a snapshot of your current practice and provide you with actionable steps and strategies on the call that you can implement to get more leads and clients and start growing your firm.

Just click the link below to schedule your free audit. I'll follow up with you within one business day.


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